How a Stairlift Can Keep Your Loved One Safe

Stairlifts aren’t just for people who have aches and pains or can’t physically climb the stairs anymore. There are lots of reasons to get a stairlift, and one of the main ones is safety. Here are some of the reasons why a stairlift is perfect for safety.

A stairlift means no more climbing

When your mobility or health starts to decline, simply climbing up the stairs can be a chore. You may even overexert yourself and put yourself in danger. Using a stair lift in Banbury means your loved one can go up or downstairs whenever they like, without the risk of them straining themselves.

Stair falls can be fatal

A healthy person falling down the stairs can be bad enough, leading to broken limbs or other injuries, but if someone has an illness or health condition, these falls can be fatal. This is because:

  • They are falling from a height
  • It’s easy for someone to hit their head and suffer a serious injury
  • People who fall down the stairs might not be found for hours
  • Even a small slip can lead to a dangerous fall

If you have an older or infirm loved one, then a stairlift could potentially be a lifesaver.

Those with mobility problems or medical conditions will often love their stairlift, as it helps them be independent, but there’s another serious reason why it should be considered. Stairs can be dangerous to older people with mobility issues, so don’t delay in getting a stairlift fitted and ensuring that your loved one is safe.

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