Cash Property Buyers Can Help You Sell Your Home – Quickly

When you work with a regulated cash property buyer, they can help you sell your home with minimal wait times – and even less hassle. If you are considering using this method to sell your house, you may be wondering just how beneficial it can be to you. 

How the Right Buyers Help You Sell Your Home 

The Right Cash Property Buyer Streamlines the Sales Process 

When you list and market your house with an estate agent or attempt to sell it yourself, you are typically appealing to traditional buyers. These people must secure financing from a mortgage lender, and this takes time. You need to make sure that they have pre-approval and that their loan will go through. You will also need to complete a variety of steps, such as surveys and valuations, which also take time. All told, the process can take several months – and that’s if you receive an offer fairly quickly.

When viewing after viewing results in no offers or when an offer falls through for any reason, whether lack of financing or an issue with the house that prohibits the sale, you are back to square one. And more waiting.

With a cash property buyer, this time frame decreases from several months to as little as a few weeks. In some cases, a sale can be executed in seven days. When time is of the essence, this is an excellent option to consider. 

They Include Several Invaluable Services 

A reputable, experienced cash buyer will handle all of the aspects associated with a house sale, negating the need for an estate agent, conveyancing solicitor, surveyor and more. And this comes at no cost to you. Not only can you save thousands of pounds, you can benefit from their streamlined operations. This is what cash property buyers do: they have their processes down to a well-practised science and have the ability to move with far greater speed and agility than is possible in a traditional sale. 

They Offer “Extras” 

Some cash buyers go beyond these helpful services. For example, they may:

  • Provide assistance in arranging removals
  • Act as a go-between in cases involving divorce or separation
  • Help arrange a rental or new purchase
  • Assist with arranging probate

These “value add” services not only facilitate a fast sale, they save you money and make a stressful situation far more manageable. 

You Receive Fair Offers 

Cash property buyers in the UK typically offer between 75% and 85% of total market value. While it’s possible that you could see a higher price on the market, you will be stuck with all of the waiting – not to mention the expenses we mentioned above, such as estate agent and solicitors’ fees. When factored into your decision, the math often works out in your favour.

 You Can Sell As-Is 

When selling to a traditional buyer, you will need to take steps to ensure your house is in optimal condition. This may mean making minor repairs – or it could mean investing in expensive improvements. Whether it’s a faulty roof, frayed wiring or the widespread presence of mould, you could be facing thousands to tens of thousands of pounds worth of repairs, upgrades and updates.

If an inspection reveals problems with the house, the lender may refuse to finance the purchase.

When you work with a cash buyer, you can sell the home as-is. Even homes in less than ideal condition have some value. You want to recoup as much of this as you can. 

You Can Avoid Repossession 

Repossession is a last resort – and it is an exceedingly stressful process for homeowners. You are left not only without a house but with a stain on your credit report that makes obtaining financing and loans an impossibility for the first few years.

Even if you are not yet in repossession, you could be falling behind on mortgage payments and headed in that direction. Again, time is of the essence in terms of mitigating the damage to your financial and housing statues. A quick sale allows you to move on with more control… and with cash.

If you want a quick, simple sales process, start by looking into reputable cash buying companies. You could be on your way to the next steps in your life far sooner than you hoped.

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